This journey is all about unearthing your brand and applying it to your imagery, this way when your ideal clients see your business, they will connect with you, trust you, and therefore want to work with you! Brand Photography is a powerful tool for building that trust.

I have created this bespoke journey to ensure I capture you at your most authentic self.

I have developed a workbook for you to fill out with everything that makes you and your business special. By understanding how you work and what makes you different, I will bring that through into your imagery so that you are shining brighter than ever before. I encourage you to really go to town on this! Include literally everything that makes you buzz about your business, what makes your soul happy, the key values of your brand and what your vision for your business is.

During your strategic planning session, I go through your brand workbook with you to make sure that I have a clear plan in my head of exactly what you hope to achieve from your branding shoot. Now I've got to know all the wonderful things about you, it's time to talk locations, props, models, timings, outfits - basically all the stuff that will make you stand out from your competitors and make your shoot completely unique - No basic headshots here!


Here, I capture you at your authentic self. All the work that we’ve done together so far will allow you to be so comfortable in front of the camera, so you can totally relax and enjoy the experience. This is obviously my favourite bit and I can’t wait to bring it all together with you!

it's shoot day - whoop! 

Once I've sat down and edited your beautiful images, I will deliver it via an online gallery where you can access your deliverables. You can now start using them across all your platforms, having bespoke brand images will help your audience connect with you on a whole new level. I can't wait to see how you use them!


It was an absolute pleasure working with Ellie for my brand photos. From the initial brand workbook, which really inspired me to look at my vision and the brand values of the business, through to the planning stages and the final photos. Ellie planned the vision for shoot day, encompassing my personal life on the farm with my dogs and the calves, to my professional life in the office. I completely trusted Ellie throughout the process. The relaxed approach helped to put me at ease and Ellie captured a plethora of great shots. I couldn't be happier with the end result. It was above and beyond what I expected, as I'm not really one for having my photo taken! Ellie's attention to detail, friendly and relaxed approach resulted in a portfolio of high-quality, amazing photos, that captured my brand perfectly, which I will be using across my marketing and social media. I can't recommend Ellie highly enough. Thank you for an amazing day!

Verna Haywood

Ellie Smeaton Branding Photography UK works with you to bring out the brand for your business. Ellie captures the essence of You Are as a brand and brings that out in every shot she takes. She sees the brand in You and allows it to flow through you from the inside to her camera to capture the moment and what your brand represents. Ellie is excited about her canvas, which is you, and it shows in her work for your business. I would not hesitate to recommend Ellie Smeaton Brand Photography for your business.

becky harrison

I had a mini photoshoot at Coppa Club in Clifton with Ellie and it was so much fun! The location was perfect and even though people were in there having breakfast I didn't feel embarrassed because Ellie is such a lovely person to be around! She is funny, calm and makes you feel really at ease. I am so pleased with my photos as they capture me and my business perfectly. I will definitely be booking further photoshoots with Ellie and would 100% recommend you do too